Heating with pellets

The advantages of heating with pellets

The operation of the fireplace or pellet stoves is associated with the concepts and benefits such as:

- high efficiency and effectiveness of heating - pellets have a highly efficient burning and combustion
- high degree of autonomy and automation of operation – simply does not attach
- high security, clean power - assisted electronics
- low demands on storage space as in the case of heating with wood, you do not care about the issue of fuel moisture
- it's environmentally friendly fuel - perfect combustion with minimal ash and very low emissions etc.

The reason for the decision to heat the pellets are many.


A long-time favourite heat source in many countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy or Scandinavia, wood pellets are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe and beyond. And for good reasons!

While the cost of electricity, gas or coal heating has been increasing steadily, pellet prices have remained the same for several years now. Moreover, pellet heating is not only cheap but also environmentally friendly. Pellets are made of sawdust generated as waste in sawmills. The wood used in their manufacture is a renewable and sustainable source of heat. Pellets containing no additives or binders, such as PREMIUM PELLETS, have also a net zero carbon footprint, essentially meaning that the carbon dioxide generated by burning wood was consumed by the tree during oxygen production (photosynthesis). Therefore, pellet heating does not contribute to the greenhouse effect and is environmentally friendly.

For these reasons wood pellet boiler subsidies have been introduced all over the EU.


Company Pelety CMC

CMC spol. s r.o. It operates in the energy sector for 20 years. We are Slovak producer of quality wooden eco-fuels. We manufacture wood and straw pellets, wood chips. Our products meet the highest European quality requirements.

2010-2011 we launched into operation a biogas plant of output per hour 2MWh 2015 to 2016, we launched into operation pelletizing lines for wood and straw pellets. One hour production of one ton of pellets. Annual planned production of 6,000 tons. The production line for straw pellets at an hourly output of 1.5 tonnes. Annual planned production is 2000 tons. The company is engaged in the reconstruction of old boiler from natural gas - biomass (wood pellets).

The main objective of CMC spol. Ltd. to contribute to the use of renewable energy sources, particularly biomass - wood, straw pellets and wood chips. Provide clients with quality pellet at a reasonable price to us coming back regularly.

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