Pelety CMC – Energy of your home

CMC s.r.o. produces eco-fuels, wood pellets from spruce debarked sawdust certified according to the ENplus A1 standard, which meet the most demanding European quality requirements.

We offer high quality pellets, briquettes and ecofuels certified by the ENplus A1 brand. ABETETOP pellets, Podpoľany pellets, low prices and transport to your home.

C m c, spol. s r.o.

Bottova 1522, 962 12 Detva
IČO: 36010642
DIČ: 2020068028
IČ DPH: SK2020068028, podľa §4

Martin Malatinec

Managing Director

Miloš Borský

Sales Director
+421 910 999 361

Ing. Tomáš Melich

Production Director

Štefan Kulich

Head of Biogas Plant
+421 917 328 577

Anna Dančová

Invoices and Accounting


Jozef Petrinec

Power Engineer