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Pellets made from debarked sawdust from the production of semi-finished wood.
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The operation of the fireplace or pellet stoves is associated with the concepts and benefits.
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PELLETS CMC - Make quality

+ Pellets base material is debarked spruce sawdust
+ With the new pelletizing production line KAHL we ensure the highest quality of product
+ Hourly production is 1000 kg press

+ We produce pellets in class A1 certified according to standard ENplus A1
+ Up to 90% of production is exported to foreign countries in western Europe

Did you know that?

• 2 kg pellets replace 1 m3 of natural gas? A 1 kg pellets is equal to 4.9 kW?

• In the Slovak forests grows every second l m3 of wood and it can produce 250 kg of pellets?

• The ash generated wood pellets is a high fertilizer for the garden?


Company Pelety CMC

CMC spol. s r.o. It operates in the energy sector for 20 years. We are Slovak producer of quality wooden eco-fuels. We manufacture wood and straw pellets, wood chips. Our products meet the highest European quality requirements.

2010-2011 we launched into operation a biogas plant of output per hour 2MWh 2015 to 2016, we launched into operation pelletizing lines for wood and straw pellets. One hour production of one ton of pellets. Annual planned production of 6,000 tons. The production line for straw pellets at an hourly output of 1.5 tonnes. Annual planned production is 2000 tons. The company is engaged in the reconstruction of old boiler from natural gas - biomass (wood pellets).

The main objective of CMC spol. Ltd. to contribute to the use of renewable energy sources, particularly biomass - wood, straw pellets and wood chips. Provide clients with quality pellet at a reasonable price to us coming back regularly.

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